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A novel concept thought and pursued into an app by a 13-year-old Indian boy living in USA, Aditya Bhatia launched this app in Jan’2017.

Aditya is an 8th grade student and lives in Houston, Texas in USA. He is one of the youngest to file for a Patent/Copyright and first in his school to launch an app.

▬ Do you have a Tennis court, but don't have a team or mate to play with in evenings?
▬ Interested in playing Football but can’t find enough players or club nearby?
▬ Love playing baseball but hate spending hours to book a turf where you can play without waiting?
▬ Hate paying hefty health club membership fees which goes waste & would rather go the PaynPlay way?
▬ Have a cricket team that can’t play this weekend because some team-mates are travelling?
▬ Looking for some fun filled real sports activity this weekend for the entire family besides the usual restaurant or movie hall?

Do you often complaint that most people nowadays are busy with their electronic gadgets and do not want to go out of their home to play real team sports like Baseball, Football and Tennis etc.

Every sports lover these days always complain about not getting enough players to play real sports and are therefore have no choice but to stay indoors and play virtual games online.

Welcome to SportsConnect, the platform for all Sports & Fitness enthusiasts. Sports Connect is the definitive one-stop solution available on your fingertips for all your Sporting activity needs - be it to meet play pals, join playgroups or host your own sporting events.

The Unique App available on your cell phone on one click, helps you find games of your interest being played near you, join them thru your cell phone and play with fellow players in your neighborhood.

Build new contacts and invite your existing friends to join you play….

All this for Free and on one touch right from your very own smart phone or tablet……..

Sports and Activities
Football, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Cricket, Badminton, Hockey, Swimming, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Rugby, Running, Cycling, Horse Riding, Golf, Snooker, Pool, Billiards, Skating, Archery, Rifle Shooting, Bubble Football, Soapy Football, Chess, Board Games, Boxing, Surfingetc. etc etc

Key Features
▬ Search games to meetup with fellow players and groups in your neighborhood based on your favorite games and timing preferences
▬ Host a sporting event of your interest and challenge friends, players & teams
▬ Control who you play with to ensure your safety & privacy
▬ Invite friends and contacts thru SportsConnect to play with you and other fellow players.
▬ Set Alerts for your convenient timings on Sports Day and monitor all your sporting activity on your calendar.
▬ Rate and Review the games you have played, and join the games based on their ratings
▬ Manage your team by choosing whom you want to play with
▬ Manage your profile

17 big and small newspapers across India published articles about the app. See our Press Section for details.

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