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Do you wait for your favorite Pheriwala or Thelewala to eat your favorite Paanipuri or Samosa Chaat?

Do you stand in your 9th floor Balcony to spot a sabjiwala going on road to buy vegetables?
Do you stand on street outside your house to buy Fruits from Fruitwalas? Surely the answer is YES…

Well No more waiting, looking, or spotting for Pheriwalas….Two Indian teenage boys have solved your daily problem……Our app MeriPheri brings your favorite Pheriwala to you…. On your own mobile phone when he is around you…. even hear his “Callout” Unbelievable but True!!

We are proud to introduce the term “P Commerce” or “Pheri Commerce” and take the technology to the most ground root level. A simple concept thought by 2 teenage boys – A 13-year-old Indian boy living in USA and 11-year-old boy living in Mumbai, with their noble intention to genuinely help the people all over India have resulted in a unique app called “MeriPheri”.

If you live in Asia, you must have bought something from Pheri or Thella or handcart vendors for sure. The handcart vendors, fondly called “Pheriwalas” are the engines of brining small, essential day to day things to the consumers at their doorstep. The pheriwala’ s are like the small convenient stores on wheels and sell everything from vegetables to fruits, drinks, processed foods, street food, plastic items, so on and so forth.

There are millions of pheriwalas and billions of consumers across India and South-East Asia who would be trading with each other every day, just trading goods worth billions of rupees every day.

The Pheriwals face new challenge everyday – from being driven away by Municipalities’/Local regulatory authorities out of residential zones, reaching out to maximum number of consumers to short shelf life span of goods they sell. Similarly, consumers have the challenge to get the nearby passing pheriwala alert in time to be able to buy the stuff they want to buy.

Meripheri solves these problems by connecting the Pheriwala’s to the consumers at their will. Through their Smart Phones…………………A free, simple but super-fast app will connect pheriwala’ s to hundreds of buyers around them and help them increase their reach, business potential and improved cashflow. The consumers shall also benefit tremendously by getting alerts from the Pheriwalas near them in time and help them buy the stuff they need at the place of their choice.

Our app, initially available in 5 languages including English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujrati and Punjabi shall revolutionalise the way business is carried out on the streets of India and help billions of people.

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