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Klikks Innovatons

About Us

A humble IT start up by 2 female entrepreneurs, Klikks Innovations offers breakthrough Mobile Applications (Apps) which change people’s life positively.

Klikks Innovation is pioneer in introducing “P-Commerce “ or “Pheri Commerce”….Our simple, super friendly and free app MeriPheri would connect billions of small time, everyday buyers to millions of pheri wala’s across India and south Asia. This will tremendously increase the reach of Pheri Wala’s to their new customers and improve their business prospects exponentially…

Every new day is an innovation and for us, Innovations simply means doing something which benefit somebody in some way. Our simple mobile apps are humble tools available to anyone with a smart phone and help you help yourself.

Since its start, Klikks innovations have proudly launched 2 breakthrough mobile applications which are available on Android and Apple platforms. The third mobile app is lab tested and ready to be launched in Aug 2017. In a short span of less than 1 year, we have thousands of downloads and our Facebook page has been seen and liked by more than 100000 people.

We also have more than 50 publications in 20+ prestigious newspapers and portals in India and USA.
Having the origins in Mumbai, Klikks is spreading its wings and aiming to be global. Klikks apps are already being used in USA, Denmark, and other countries outside India.

We aim to bring positive socio-economic change by connecting people thru simple mobile apps and brining tremendous value to people’s life.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to Connect Masses and facilitate positive change. Our Apps provide a simple platform for masses to connect. The connect would result in communication, exchange of ideas, trade and help build responsible society.

We bring business and consumers together. We connect players to facilitate sports and promote health. We connect citizens to governments to prevent water wastage. We build communication bridges and serve the society.

Our Values

We value our customers. Everyone using our Apps or services is extremely important to us. We will do everything in our capacity to provide unforgettable user experience and tremendous value to our existing and future customers.


Started by 2 female entrepreneurs in Mumbai, Klikks team consists of extra ordinary achievers associated with it. Our team comprises of people from high end IT streams with global experience and thinking out of the box to bring revolutionary ideas.

Our team has hands on experience on the current technological trends and are experts product lifecycles managers – from conceptual stage to reality.

Our team has out of the box thinkers from the age of 11 to 70. Yes, you heard it right. 2 Kids of 11 and 13 years age have filed Patents/Copyrights/Trademarks and launched mobile apps thru Klikks. We value everybody’s opinion, talent and give an equal opportunity to everyone irrespective of their age, gender or religion.

Contact Us

Contact us for any Apps issue including logic, password reset
or functionality issues by sending email to infoklikks@gmail.com


Thanks you for contacting.